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The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution

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We as citizens and/or as candidates for political office commit to support and call on Congress to enact legislation around the framework of the following four affiliated proposals:

1 — We pledge to support a congressional resolution and legislation (and ultimately, if required, a Constitutional Amendment) reaffirming the legal obligation of all members of BOTH the executive and legislative branches of the federal government (including the President of the United States) to abide by whatever rulings the courts adjudicate (even under what might be defined as a “national emergency”); and assert that the failure to obey a Supreme Court order would trigger appropriate legal remedy, up to and including an impeachment investigation if absolutely necessary.

We concurrently commit to abide by the judicial process in order to determine the final outcome of all elections (even ones challenged for improprieties); will apply this standard to all offices, including to that for President of the United States; reaffirm not just that it is inappropriate — but ILLEGAL — for ANYBODY to elicit or accept illicit foreign interference or assistance in American elections; pledge not do so ourselves as candidates; and support stricter monitoring of and restrictions on campaign activities dangerous to our democratic processes.

2 — We pledge to support legislation both in this and future sessions of Congress to bring necessary institutions and officials of the federal government of the United States such as the Department of Justice and the Inspectors General of crucial departments under more balanced and shared joint congressional and executive branch oversight so as to ensure that independent investigations will be made without obstruction from the subjects who are themselves being investigated.

3 — We further pledge to insist that Congress revisit the 1976 National Emergencies Act so that presidential emergency powers will be subject to closer congressional oversight and easier override; will be more clearly and narrowly defined; will automatically expire after shorter durations which have to be proactively affirmed and subsequently renewed by Congress; and that funding for any emergency not actively reaffirmed by Congress would automatically be defunded by default.

4 — We furthermore pledge to support legislation to rein in other presidential powers as appropriate to prevent covering up abuses in the above areas, and also to guard the integrity of our democratic institutions by making the executive branch more transparent and subject to greater scrutiny. The most important of these reforms are ones which effect freedom of speech and information because these involve the most potentially irreversible threats to our constitutional system (and could lead to the closure of the windows from which other assaults on freedom could even be viewed, let alone countered).

As citizens, we pledge to advance these propositions.

As members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, we swear to use our legislative authority to implement the above proposals; and we expect to be held appropriately accountable by the people for our success or failure in so doing.

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