If you agree with the ideas expressed on this website and would like to advance The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution, you don't have to just "watch" events unfold on your television or computer screen and then merely go out and vote in the election in November. You can help defend our Constitution by doing something that falls in-between just voting, or else going to the other extreme of making a full-time commitment to a political campaign.

You can be ACTIVE in this cause in a way that allows you to donate your skills and expertise (instead of your money) in small, incremental portions of time that you can schedule and control at your own desired pace and from your home or anywhere you are.

First, you can add your name to the online petition. (Help would be appreciated in managing the petition if you have skills in these areas).

Also, forward your support to leaders in the House and Senate and to candidates for federal office (including presidential candidates emerging for the 2024 election) and let them know that you want them to advance these basic proposals as a unified approach for protecting our Constitution. Send them a message with a link to The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution.

Technical assistance in further constructing and managing the website itself would be extremely useful. Initial efforts would be most helpful in constructing the online email petition and a Comment Box.

Professional proofreaders and editors will be beneficial for both the present and future articles. (If you see any corrections that should be made, please just use the links below to email your observations.)

So would legal expertise such as fact checking the process as it evolves for legal accuracy, and also regarding such things as copyright law and other legal matters that might ensue regarding its organizational development.

Political experience concerning how to employ the capacities of political institutions, think tanks and governmental institutions in a strategic way will also be sorely needed.

Such legal and political expertise will become especially necessary as The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution is put into political action and specific legislation.

Any understanding you might have of professional journalism, or with other aspects of media such as broadcast journalism or social media, will also be necessary as the process grows.

Every journalist who cares about freedom of speech and information, their profession, and the fate of their country should ask every candidate he or she encounters precisely what parts of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution they are supporting or not supporting.

Or if you have skills or ideas not mentioned that you would like to put into action in this protection of our Constitution, please leave a short note with your contact information in the link below.


If you have ideas or would like to help, mailto:contact@thepledge.site

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