Donald Trump, future Presidents and all politicians must be held to an acceptable level of conduct, kept within the bounds of the law, and be made to exhibit respect for the separation of powers that keeps the executive branch of government in check.

No individual can be allowed to overpower our constitutional system through the force of his “will.”

Those who argued that removing a President from office through impeachment would be "overturning the results of an election" now have their wish: the choice for President has been left "in the hands of the people."

And so have their choices for Congress.

Not just the conduct of President Trump, but that of both parties of the legislative branch of government must be held to rigorous public accountability by the electorate by making The Pledge to Preserve the Constitution a significant aspect of their votes in the 2020 elections.

But it won't principally be the politicians whom we elect or what they do that will be the sole, full expression of "the people's will."

It will be what we do individually and as an expression of our collective willpower both before and after those elections which has the potential to turn the national wreckage of impeachment and the social turmoil that has followed it for the last several months into something constructive.

The incredible creativity and resilience of the American people - as has been displayed during the COVID-19 crisis in a multitude of ways, such as by learning how to make our own face masks and other personal protective equipment; and then by the self-discipline of demonstrators fiercely but peacefully advancing the cause of racial justice and other issues of social progress after the killing of George Floyd - is the true wellspring of our national greatness.

Any American who cares about liberty could inspire other voters to support this set of ideas and pressure politicians to address these most IMMINENT threats to our Constitutional order.

Even more vitally, any American can become involved in one of the processes or institutions which will monitor and preserve our constitutional system, not just during the time running up to an election, but also in the even more important periods BETWEEN elections.

Making the Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution an issue in the 2020 elections would be a serious step towards opening a wider debate on restoring the balance of power not just between the executive and legislative organs of government; but more importantly regarding the relationship between government and we the American people ourselves.

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